If you are a current or previous DCSP student, please consider sharing your experience and uploading one or more photographs from your time in Australia. Tell us your story!

  • Siti Rejeki +

    Siti RejekiMAJ Siti Rejeki (Indonesia), Master of Applied Linguistics, University of Melbourne, 2018

    It has been such a great lifetime experience to have the invaluable opportunity to join DCSP. It was a challenging experience but most of the time it was absolutely encouraging with positive spirit and motivation. The time spent studying and living in Melbourne was a truly golden time with the cultivativation and motivation to do bigger and better things, not only for professional development but also for the bright future of Indonesia and Australian Defence Cooperation.

    Highest gratitude and appreciation for all hard efforts done by DCSP to make my dream came true. Thanks a lot.

  • Fakhar Iqbal Chaudhry +

    Fakhar Iqbal ChaudhryMR Fakhar Iqbal Chaudhry (Pakistan), Master of Science (Project Management), University of Wollongong, 2016

    Australia is a beautiful country. Studying at University of Wollongong under Defence Cooperation Scholarship Program is a wonderful experience.

    Australia is a very peaceful country. Population is less compared to my country. Traffic is smooth. People are very friendly and cooperative.

    I am gaining valuable knowledge at UOW, which will be helpful for me in the future.

    I have visited some beautiful places in Wollongong and Sydney. Australia is blessed with natural beauty. Overall it is a very good experience here in Australia.

  • Zaharrudin Mohamed Yusop +

    Zaharudin Mohamed YusopCMDR Zaharrudin Mohamed Yusop (Malaysia), Master of Science (Logistics), University of Wollongong, 2016

    Australia is totally awesome. Superb transportation system, friendly bus drivers and numerous places of interest. The weather is marvellous as there are four seasons compared to Malaysia. In Melbourne, we managed to visit Queen Victoria Market, Sunday Market , ride Melbourne's City Circle Tram and wander around Flinders Street train station.

    Sydney is a must where there are many ferries going to different routes. Sightseeing on board these ferries can relieve stress as there are many wonderful surroundings that should be seen. On Sundays, you can ride these ferries many times for only AUD2.50 (as at September 2016) which includes the train fare plus the tram. Sunday in Sydney saves us a lot of money as the transportation system is almost free. However it costs quite a lot for entry to places of interest.

    Visiting the Snowy Mountain was such an unforgettable experience as it was my first time with family to touch and play with snow.

    Not forgetting my own University of Wollongong. Excellent place to study and make friends. Wollongong itself is a great place to stay – having a free bus to go around, the low cost of living and the best thing is when your house is just next to the beach.

  • Peerasak Aemlaor +

    Peerasak AemlaorCAPT Peerasak Aemlaor (Thailand), Master of Logistics Management, University of Sydney, 2015

    Australia is a great beautiful country. There are numerous things to learn and experience here. Although studying a masters degree is hard, it is a great milestone in my life.

  • Sunsearn Sadod +

    Sunsearn SadodCAPT Sunsearn Sadod (Thailand), Master of Maritime Policy, University of Wollongong, 2015 

    It is such a great opportunity for me and my family to be in Australia and to see the different ways of life and be among international colleagues. Australia is a nice and huge country, with many places to see and remember. Love it.

  • Geoffrey Carandang +

    Geoffrey CarandangMAJ Geoffrey M Carandang (Phillipines), Master of International Security, University of Sydney, 2015

    Coming to Australia was one of the best adventures I have experienced in my life. What made it more memorable, was that I was able to share these experiences with my family. I am grateful to the Australian Government for the world-class educationI received and for the wonderful memories we made while staying in this beautiful country. Scope Global was always there to assist us whenever we needed help and for that I am thankful. Once again, on behalf of my family, it has been a beautiful journey. MABUHAY!

  • Christopher Salimbangon +

    Chris Salimbangon Snowy MountainsLCDR Christopher Salimbangon (Philippines), Master of Strategic Studies, Australian National University, 2014

    I initially thought that bringing my family with me to Australia had been the wrong decision. We compromised a lot and, at first, it really was hard for my family to adjust to life in Australia.

    However, it turned out to be, so far, the best time of our family's life. The family's experience has been really, really, really, great!!

    Master of Strategic Studies is such a very rewarding course as it opens wider knowledge and understanding about international relations and policy making. Australian National University really prides itself on providing the best education in various fields of learning - especially International Relations and Asia-Pacific Studies. I, too, pride myself for having this prestigious institution as a part of my quest for higher education. This learning will go a long way as this prepares me for higher responsibilities and advance the interests of the Philippine Navy and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.We've had the experience of both the warmest and the coldest of the seasons (and the snow) in Australia. Canberra is such a very nice place to study and, of course, a very nice and peaceful environment for the children.

    I think I have made a very good decision to take this course from the Australia National University. My gratefulness will last a lifetime.

  • Yoseph Purba +

    Yoseph Purba at the Great Barrier ReefMAJ Yoseph Purba (Indonesia), Master of Aviation Management, Griffith University, 2014

    Being able to live and study in Australia is an amazing experience for me. In addition to the opportunity to study and pursue higher education, I also got the chance to visit various beautiful places in Australia.

    One of the places that impressed me the most is the Great Barrier Reef, which is the world's largest coral reef system and a World Heritage Site.


  • Chano Tassaro +

    FLTLT Chano Tassaro - Graduation photoFLTLT Chano Tassaro (Thailand), Master of Aviation Management, Griffith University, 2014

    My name is FLTLT Chano Tassaro, DCSP 2014 student from the Royal Thai Air Force. This scholarship has given me a great opportunity, not only to get a masters degree that suits my career or expertise, but also gave me a lifetime experience to explore this lovely country.

    I'm currently studying the Master of Aviation Management at Griffith University in Brisbane, because I'm an air traffic controller back in Thailand.

    Although this is the first time that I have to live alone overseas, I didn't feel lonely. I can make many friends while I live here and enjoy my life as a student very much.


  • Anne Marie Cristina Quinzon +

    ChristinaMRS Anne Marie Cristina Quinzon (Philippines), Master of Management, University of Wollongong, 2014

    There is a saying in our country that says "pag may tiyaga may nilaga" - in English "if you have the patience for it, you will be rewarded". This scholarship was worth the patience, because the rewards that I gained cannot be matched by the tests and interviews I had to go through to be awarded the scholarship.

    Being granted the scholarship was no easy feat either, I had to study, at the same time take care of my three children and always be aware that I represented our country and agency. But the rewards were nothing compared to these things. I gained my Master's Degree, enjoyed Australia, had more time with my younger children, and developed friends from Australia and my co-scholars.

    Loving nature, we had the best of scenes, the mountains as you lie down to sleep and the beach when you walk through the front door. Enjoying the singing of birds as they fly by. When exhausted and stressed, a walk to the beach with my children would be relaxing and usually gave me a clearer mind.

    All these experiences, we will never forget, and because of these, thank you to DCSP and the Government of Australia for giving me the chance to study here in Australia and be with my family at the same time.


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